Mark Thomas Miller

The philosophical Zuck

Facebook’s 30th employee, Noah Kagan, has an interesting story about Mark Zuckerberg’s business philosophy.

The biggest takeaway [from Facebook] that’s made me the most successful and the most money is one thing: when you are running your business, have ONE goal. That’s it.

When I went to Mark Zuckerberg, I would go with specific ideas – We’ve gotta make money! Where’s our business model? – and Mark said, “No. Does that help us grow?”

Mark’s clear focus on growth helped the Facebook team clarify every decision: does that feature help us grow? If not, then don’t do it. That united the team around what they’re really trying to accomplish.

Noah Kagan

This clear focus pervades the entire culture at Facebook and gives their employees a reference point from which they can take action.

From an external perspective having worked on several projects with Facebook (including the Yahoo! Social Bar). In many of my interactions with Facebook teams over the last two years, I have often heard FB employees say things such as “That’s a growth request.” Usually that ends any discussion currently happening and the request immediately becomes a top priority. I’ve seen this amongst engineers, Product, BD, Legal and Partner Management teams.
Jonathan Katzman

Zuck united his team under one banner, and their simple decision-making process helped them take action on any issue that came their way.