A minimal editor inside WordPress

Void is a sleek, luxurious editor for WordPress.

Void is a plugin that allows you to create a truly distraction-free experience when you're writing a WordPress post. Write without leaving your browser.
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Two themes to help you write.

Void's options are intentionally kept minimal so you don't experience writer's block by customization. You can choose from two beautiful themes – light and dark – to beautifully accent your content while you write.
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Choose from multiple fonts.

Every artist has their space, their materials, their studio. Void's settings contain a curated selection of high quality fonts that you can choose from, including additional options for those who use OS X and Typekit, so you can always be in the perfect atmosphere when you write.
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Mark Thomas Miller, smiling.

I love to write, and I felt WordPress needed a better editor. I designed something that has helped me publish tens of thousands of words in a beautiful interface, and I want to let you to use it, too.

· Mark Thomas Miller, Product Designer

Perfect your writing atmosphere.

$27 per year

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If you're not happy with Void within 30 days of your original purchase, I'll give you a full refund. One license is good for up to 10 WordPress sites.