Mark Thomas Miller


Matcha: a better recipe plugin for food bloggers

I developed Matcha, a recipe plugin that focuses on the user experience of both writing and cooking recipes, something that hasn’t been done in the food blogging space before. It’s becoming quite popular thanks to the community of awesome users that continue to promote it to other bloggers. (Thanks, everyone!)

Matcha provides a natural flow for the blogger and creates a friendly, conversational tone while they’re entering their information. Its design is full of life, providing juxtaposition to the often robotic nature of data input.

Matcha employs touches of material design on the administrative end, and it uses a clean, beautiful, and accessible layout on the front end. Because all devices are different, recipes assume different orientations for desktop, mobile, and print views – and they look beautiful anywhere. Under the hood, Matcha is packed with functionality, but it always retains its simplistic feel to whoever uses it.

Blog readers are able to visibly check off each item and direction as they’re cooking, and recipe cards work with Google and Pinterest in the background with absolutely zero setup.

What’s more, food bloggers really love Matcha. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

I couldn’t have asked for a recipe plugin that fits my wants and needs better; Matcha works. I’d recommend it to any food blogger.
Alexa from Fooduzzi

I love the Matcha plugin! I’m so glad I switched. It’s so easy to use and I feel like it makes my blog posts look so much better.
– Ashley from The Small Town Foodie

Matcha is so easy to use, and the layout is so appealing to the eye! I LOVE using it.
Heidi from Red Checkered Tablecloth

It is so easy to use, which is great for a beginner like me! It feels and looks so right.
Severien from More Than Just Carrots

Void: a minimal editor for WordPress

Void is a truly distraction-free writing plugin – think iAWriter, but for WordPress. I find that I can write anywhere from three to ten times more words with Void active.

Void maximizes your TinyMCE editor to a full-screen view with beautiful fonts and nearly zero options. It’s currently in beta, but you’re welcome to try it out!

The Client Class: a training system for Divi clients

The Client Class is a training system that teaches clients how to use WordPress and Divi by Elegant Themes. TCC has been adopted by Divi freelancers and agencies in multiple countries as the “go to” way to train their clients.

I executed this idea from concept to completion: design, code, marketing/copywriting, blogging, video editing, customer support, and more, after being inspired to try my hand at running an automated business by setting up the correct positioning and systems.

The site also houses a blog with many posts explaining Divi, design, WordPress, fonts, plugins, and freelancing.

A line of premade website layouts

When I was transitioning away from freelancing, I created five premade website layouts with Divi for businesses who needed a quality, cost-effective website done quickly. These aren’t themes; they’re entire layouts. Fill in your content, and you’re ready to go.

For an example of one of the simpler designs, you can see a previous client, Meraki Studio.

These themes are currently closed to the public, as they’re being used for an upcoming project to help minority and disadvantaged businesses at RCI.


Small JavaScript projects

When I was learning JavaScript, I decided to build small, useful projects to test what I learned in the books. I’ve built several, but the most useful are an interval timer which helps people build good habits and destroy bad ones, and a minimal writing application for Google Chrome that exports your writing into Markdown format. (Psst! If you’re on WordPress, you should use Void to write!)


Breathe, a calming animation

Deep breathing is surprisingly beneficial to your body. You can match your breathing with this animation for a minute or two, and you’ll come away feeling de-stressed and relaxed. Breathe was just meant to be a simple few-minutes-long projects with CSS keyframes, but I like it so much that I’m probably going to turn it into a “New Tab” extension for Google Chrome!

A multi-user, real-time grocery list with Node.js

I explored Node.js by building a multi-user, real-time grocery list webapp. Partner up with your significant other or roommate, add items, and cross them off in real time.

This was more of an experiment than a fully fledged project; certain aspects may be buggy, and the signup process definitely needs redone. However, it’s fun to pull it up with a friend or spouse and see their grocery items appear on the screen in real time.

A minimal WordPress theme

I created the WordPress theme on which this site is based. The main focus of this project was to learn more about WordPress theming and to create a beautiful, seamless reading experience for people who came to the site – especially on mobile. I love minimalist design and providing great reading experiences, so I’m releasing the theme for public use in early 2017.

The blog

When I’m not designing, building things with PHP and JavaScript, and managing projects, I write on my blog about design, business, programming, and the mind.