Mark Thomas Miller

Project review of Void

Void, a minimal writing plugin for WordPress.

Void creates a distraction-free writing experience inside WordPress. I designed the plugin as well as its landing page.

The landing page changes the abstract demo in the middle of the page into a viewing window when watching the demo. Repurposing elements keeps the layout understandable.

I continually improve my design skills by pushing the capabilities of interfaces. Not only does Void’s purchase area communicate a lot of information effectively, it helps solidify a perfectionistic and minimalistic brand. I highly suggest looking at the actual site.

The Problem

Although people want to write thousand-word posts on it, WordPress only provides them with a small, industrial-looking section of the screen on which to do it. This was evident when people began to use minimalistic text editors such as Byword and iAWriter and then imported their writing into WordPress. When people are buying a separate solution because they don’t like to use a free interface, it’s a sign that change is needed.

My research was slightly different this time around: since I was a WordPress user who had purchased Byword, I already knew the problems that my target market was facing. I also performed additional research on best practices, such as determining the ideal line length for reading and writing, and experimenting with Medium’s text editor.

WordPress provides a small iframe where people can write content. The page appears intimidating and cluttered. People are beginning to switch to Medium and use solutions like Byword to import their content, so there’s a clear sign of a problem.

The Solution

Instead of taking the user to a “minimal” separate page to write their post, I decided to use JavaScript to load CSS onto the page at the click of a button. This is because writing new posts is an innate muscle memory in WordPress users, so it would be a hard behavior to change. I also decreased development time by “not remaking the wheel.” Void isn’t a brand new editor with new features – it’s just a facelift of the old one. This ensures that users can use Markdown and switch between Void-view and WordPress-view without any discrepancies in their content.

Void’s sleek experience continues throughout the product. This is its settings page. It currently provides 36 separate editor styles.

Skills Utilized


I created the entirety of Void, from its design, development, branding, typographic selection, to its landing page, video, and copywriting.

My Personal Experience with Void

Since installing Void, I’ve never needed to leave my browser to write WordPress posts. The average amount of words I’m able to write in a single sitting has nearly tripled.

Void - Fullscreen Minimal Editor Inside WordPress

Void provides multiple font options and two themes: light and dark.


Void is in beta and will be released to the public in February. I’m happy to provide you with the beta version if you’d like to try it out – just promise to give me feedback if you see things that I can fix or have suggestions.

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