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Project review of The Client Class

The Client Class is an online business where I can test how design effects conversion. It sells a professional training system I created to teach designers’ clients how to edit their Divi1 websites. You can see the actual product in action in a videoPDF, or testimonial:

I absolutely love The Client Class as it helped my client so much during our design process. Thank you! – Brittney Lopez, Branded by Britt

[The Client Class] is great. The classes were super easy to install with the template page, I’m using them in my online academy for creative small business owners, It’s a perfect solution! – Mikaela Danvers, The Makers Academy


  1. Design can be used to decrease customer support. For instance, improving the position of my Frequently Asked Questions section on the homepage halved customer support requests while revenue and traffic continued to increase.
  2. Design is a wonderful supplement to marketing funnels. For instance, adding a slight animation to the CTA on the bottom of each post increased its conversion rate from 1.5% to 2.4% overnight.
  3. The goal of design isn’t to make a site look pretty, but rather about enhancing trust between you and your customers.
  4. Cold traffic behaves and thinks differently than warm traffic. Designers must make an effort to understand the conversation going on inside users’ heads.

I’ve iterated on The Client Class’ homepage to showcase the principles I’ve learned over time.

Skills Utilized

Additional Images

Blog posts are centered and set in Roboto. Fullwidth images accent the top of each page.

After receiving multiple questions about the content covered in the lessons, I decreased customer support time by featuring the lesson topics in colored tiles to catch people’s attention.

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  1. Divi, a product of Elegant Themes, is one of the most widely-used and versatile WordPress themes on the market. Many designers run their entire practices with this single theme.