Mark Thomas Miller

Project review of Riverside

Riverside is included in my portfolio for completion. For self-guided projects, please see Matcha, Void, and The Client Class.

I currently work at Riverside, a small non-profit that supports women, minority, and veteran entrepreneurs with various programs and services.

Project With Google

Riverside is currently collaborating with Google to build web applications and simple websites for minority-owned businesses. I volunteered to construct several Divi templates to help with the project:




Main Site Network

Several years ago, when I became Riverside’s intern through my university, Riverside owned several websites which were nearly ten years out-of-date. There were no online registration systems, email services, event reservations, social media presences, or even moderately-sized images (every image was a GIF and was less than 200 pixels in width and height).

Approach to Main Site Network

I was asked to work alongside a digital marketing firm and technology consultant to address these problems. After three years of incremental changes and many revisions, the pages I’ve worked the most on have been:

My clean, straightforward redesign of our Board of Directors page.

Showcasing my typography decisions on Brickhouse Health. My supervisor wanted the website to have a welcoming yet professional feel.

Our BizFIT program needed a landing page that helped users access the PDF application.

I also controlled the management of the websites via WordPress and Divi, due to the fact that it was a flexible and easy theme to teach to other staff members.

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