Mark Thomas Miller

Project review of Altair

I was surprised by the clunky and disruptive subscription boxes used by many websites, especially after Google announced that content-covering popups were going to hurt websites in search results. That’s why I started making Altair: a much friendlier popup window.

Altair is soon-to-be released for beta. The following images are real code at work:

I took special care in making Altair feel intuitive and natural. Each animation is slightly different. Also, the popup automatically closes itself within seconds after receiving your email.

Altair’s customization intentionally provides more flexibility than my other plugins. This layout was loosely inspired by material design, although it’s a variant that I believe feels better suited for WordPress.

Altair apologizes for annoying you if you close it.

Altair is compact. It appears in the corner of the screen so it won’t irritate your readers. This also means it complies with Google’s new stance on popups.

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