Matcha is a beautiful, powerful recipe plugin

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Matcha makes recipes stand out.

Matcha is built to look beautiful on every modern device. You won't have to touch a single thing, but your recipes will resize to be perfect for every viewer. Automagically.
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The easiest way to write recipes.

With Matcha, you'll write your recipe on the same page that you write your post. No popups, buttons, or complicated codes. Watch the demo to see how easily it works.
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Cross off ingredients and directions.

Your readers can cross off ingredients and directions as they cook, turning your blog into a living cookbook. Watch the demo to see how this looks, or try it yourself!
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Rich Pin ready, right out of the box.

Matcha works effortlessly with Pinterest's rich pins. This can help you gain more traffic when someone pins one of your recipes.
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Secret features.

Like a cave hidden behind a waterfall, there's more to Matcha than meets the eye. You have the option to make Jump To Recipe links in your posts, group your ingredients into sections, and create affiliate links right inside your recipes.
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Optimized for Google.

With Matcha, your recipes can appear as rich results in Google searches. This can help increase traffic to your blog and increase your opportunities to work with brands and other bloggers.
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Display recipe ratings.

Allow readers to rate your recipes. Ratings appear as bright stars in Google results, which help you gain more readers.

Included in Matcha Reserve

Add calorie content.

Add calorie content to your recipes. With ratings and calorie content, you'll have everything recommended for having rich results in Google searches.

Included in Matcha Reserve

Themes for your recipe cards.

When using Matcha Reserve, you'll be given the option to activate a beautiful slate gray theme for all of your recipe cards. It looks different than anything else on the market.

Included in Matcha Reserve

Matcha comes in two flavors.

Matcha Classic

SEO with
Rich pins on Pinterest
Readers can check off items
Printable recipe format
Ingredient grouping
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Matcha Reserve

Add ratings to your recipes
Slate gray recipe theme
Customize layout with CSS
Remove Matcha's branding
Every Classic feature
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