Mark Thomas Miller

How to install my plugins

Hello, and welcome to my beautiful installation guide. I’m Mark, your host, and this will only take a minute, so hold on tight!

Step 1. Copy the license key from your checkout receipt1.

Copy your license key on the checkout confirmation page.

Step 2. Download the plugin by clicking the download button at the bottom of your checkout page. Don’t unzip this file.

Click the download button at the bottom of your purchase confirmation page to download the plugin.

Step 3. Log into your WordPress site and hover over Plugins, then click Add New.

Click the "Add New" button on your administrator menu.

Step 4. Click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page.

Click "Upload Plugin" next to the page title.

Step 5. Click the Choose File button, and choose the .ZIP file that you downloaded in Step 2. Then, click Install Now.

Click "Choose File" to upload a plugin's .ZIP file.

Step 6. Click the blue Activate Plugin button.

Click the Activate Plugin button.

Step 7. If you’re using a paid plugin (such as Void or Matcha Reserve), you’ll need to enter your license key. Hover over Settings on your administrative sidebar, and access your plugin’s settings.

Open the settings for your plugin.

Step 8. Enter the license key you got in Step 1 into the field that says License Key. Then, click the button and you’re good to go!

Optional: Customize your plugin with the settings that appear after you activate your license key in Step 8.

If you have questions during this process, please reach out to Mark with this form.


  1. Your checkout receipt is accessible for a short time after your purchase. If it has been too long, search your email inbox for a receipt. Finally, if that doesn’t work, reach out to Mark with this form and request your key.