Mark Thomas Miller

Meet Matcha, the best recipe plugin

A beautiful recipe card made with Matcha.

Matcha reimagines the experience of reading and writing recipes.

Dear food bloggers,

Writing recipes isn’t supposed to be as complicated as operating the International Space Station. But for some reason, a lot of recipe plugins make it feel like that.

That’s why I spent months designing a modern recipe plugin.

Every aspect of Matcha is made with care. It works effortlessly with Pinterest’s rich pins, Google’s rich results, and it has hidden features for power users, like the ability to add affiliate links to your recipes and group your ingredients together.

Your visitors will love that they can cross off ingredients and directions as they cook your recipes. Your recipes will even rearrange themselves to a cookbook-friendly version when they’re printed, and they look wonderful on mobile.

Matcha integrates directly into your WordPress post page, which saves you the headache of opening a separate window to write your recipe. On the front end, the design automatically matches your blog’s fonts and colors, and it looks like it was made just for your website.

Here’s what bloggers have to say about Matcha:

I couldn’t have asked for a recipe plugin that fits my wants and needs better; Matcha works. I’d recommend it to any food blogger.
Alexa from Fooduzzi

I love the Matcha plugin! I’m so glad I switched. It’s so easy to use and I feel like it makes my blog posts look so much better.
– Ashley from The Small Town Foodie

Matcha is so easy to use, and the layout is so appealing to the eye! I LOVE using it.
Heidi from Red Checkered Tablecloth

It is so easy to use, which is great for a beginner like me! It feels and looks so right.
Severien from More Than Just Carrots

Matcha is a recipe plugin like no other. It completely reimagines the experience of reading and writing recipes.

Give it a try today. I think you’ll love it.