Mark Thomas Miller

Differentiating on ease of use

A few years ago, I taught one of my professors how to use Twitter. He was amazed by its simplicity.

He asked, “If Twitter is so simple, why is it so popular?”

I replied, “That’s the whole reason.”

When confronted with multiple choices, the majority of people will choose the easiest option. People use products that have the lowest barriers to getting results. Here are three ideas to lower the barriers for your product:

Designing a product to have low barriers is an intentional process, but yields staggering returns.


  1. This is a common psychological principle. Tim Ferriss follows this philosophy in the Four Hour Body, where he starts the book with tactics that produce rapid weight loss before introduces other solutions that take more time and provide an even better result. Readers quickly see a benefit to following his first methods, so they continue reading and practicing the material.
  2. This is a philosophy of WordPress. I like Tom McFarlin’s take on it.