Mark Thomas Miller

Breathe, an anti-anxiety animation

Every once and awhile, life gets stressful. You’re welcome to de-stress with Breathe, a simple page that allows you to take a few moments to decompress throughout your day. Just try to match your breathing with the animation. Over a few breaths, you’ll reduce your stress and anxiety and sharpen your focus.

Deep breathing affects your body’s processes – your heart, your brain, and even your immune system – and it can help you develop a clearer mind. If you’re feeling tense, breathe into your stomach and let it expand naturally instead of breathing in your chest.

You don’t need to have an Internet connection to practice deep breathing, although this page can be a nice visualizer, akin to watching the flame of a candle. I plan on turning this into a Chrome extension that allows you to set it as a new tab page. For now, it’s just a page with some simple CSS keyframe animations.

Use Breathe here.